Start With Goodbye, Stop With Hello.

Hello friends and followers!
As some of you know, I decided to start a different personal blog, this time as a secondary blog! I have several accounts and it is a process to post to it as I will find posts on my other accounts and have to constantly switch accounts whether it be in an app or app/safari on my phone and boy, is it tiresome. I do hope that you understand! ✿◠‿◠

I’m leaving my old blog up as I have had it a while and cannot bear to delete it. Of my blogs it had the most posts and fewest followers. While I don’t care for follower counting, I DO care about interacting with you lovely people and I simply interact with you guys more on my other accounts!

If you are a new friend then Hello, and welcome! If you came over from any of my other blogs bless you for coming back and hello, again!